Your partner in pricing and sales effectiveness consulting

What do you spend most of your time on?

As a business leader you likely spend most of your time on operations, funding, product, revenue attainment, or marketing. And that makes a whole lot of sense. At the same time however, how sure are you that your sales teams are effective and price your deals efficiently?


AMS Analytical has expertise in:


•    Formulating pricing plans for subscription and SaaS businesses, especially in corporate segments with direct sales teams.

•    Demand planning in high growth businesses, creating realistic hiring plans, targets, and marketing goals.

•    Target setting and compensation model formulation for direct sales teams.

•    Deal desk function for global sales teams.


How we work:

Pricing is heavily dependent on the business context. We prefer to take an outside-in approach where we first consider the customers’ needs and their business fundamentals. Against this backdrop we evaluate your company’s pricing performance. 

We do not shy away from asking hard questions on past performance and current processes, because we believe that transparency is one of the most important ingredients for a successful engagement. We also prefer to work with internal experts to complement your existing capabilities.

Finally, we believe that our work should lead to real improvements in the way you do business. For some businesses impact lies in adopting best practices, for others better outcomes require optimization: we tailor out approach to your situation. 


Douwe Krooshof, Pricing consultant

An early start in the corporate strategy team of Reed-Elsevier taught me the fundamentals of running a digital subscription business and I’ve built on that experience working in SaaS based fintech companies. This has given me a solid understanding of subscription pricing dynamics and the various ways in which these models are applied. In addition to that, running sales operations teams has given me insight into the workings and culture of direct sales teams.

I have a background in kinesiology and neurosciences prior to starting a career in business and I did my executive MBA at the Rotterdam School of management where I focused on revenue optimisation for bundles of digital subscriptions.