Launching AMS Analytical in the New Year

This is the year that we launch AMS Analytical, a boutique advisory for pricing and sales effectiveness. We focus on software and technology companies that sell with direct sales teams. We help these companies to improve their pricing outcomes in a unique way. We believe that pricing is not a theoretical exercise but a day-to-day activity in your sales department. Pricing only works when it aligns with how your sales executives sell, and how they are compensated.

Experience could be described as recognising mistakes before they are made. Usually that means that you need to make a lot of mistakes along the way and we certainly have done just that. With a background in science, corporate strategy, and sales operations AMS Analytical is not a typical consultancy. However, with both the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience we can address all problems a commercial team runs into. Targets, compensation, pricing, forecasting, systems, … You name it, we’ve seen it.

Throughout all that experience one problem stands out like a sore thumb: pricing. Very few managers in B2B seem to understand what good pricing practices are and what pricing methods are right for their company. As a result the topic is often ignored by management and individual sales executives need to figure out what a healthy deal looks like. This is far from optimal but, fortunately, together we can change this.

Most companies have potential to grow through pricing improvements. Whether your company is small or large, a start-up or a well-established firm, there is likely room to grow. With most firms there is room for improvement in one of three areas: understanding your customer and its business, differentiating your offering along lines of perceived value, and selling the solution instead of the product. If your company has control over all these areas you’re running a tight ship.

It is likely however, that in the moments that you do think about pricing you don’t feel in control. You have an idea of where improvements could be made, but lack the time and experience for a deep dive. This is where AMS Analytical comes in. For the first quarter we will offer a 2019 Pricing Effectiveness Review that will help you identify where you can improve how you capture value. It will bring your sales performance and your pricing performance into one overview. Think of it as a pricing check-up. If you are interested to talk to us about this, please reach out via our contact form.